Anne Price
Musical Workshops 


Anne leading a workshop at the 2005 People's Music Network Winter Gathering.

Anne offers the following selection of workshops:

Forsaken Lovers
What do you do when your lover leaves you? Answers in song in various times, places, and musical genres.

Women's Lives
Songs about women today and in the past. Women's work in mills and factories and the home, reproductive freedom, body image, contemporary problems and love lives.

Songs of Labor
Songs of the labor movement and unions, songs of the IWW, women's work.

Mine and Mill Songs
Songs of coal mining, cotton mills, working conditions and union struggles of men and women, strip mining.

Songs of the Sea
Chanteys, shipwrecks, pirates, bold sea captains, sailors and their lady friends.

Songs of Contemporary Life
Diets, dating, relationships, and work today.

Introduction to Songwriting
A how-to workshop for beginners.

Introduction to the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer
Basics for beginners or those who'd like to try it.

Songs of Hope and Healing
Songs to help you feel better when you're sick or hurt in body, mind, or soul.

Woody Rediscovered
Woody Guthrie's less known songs. Some were recorded or published in Woody's lifetime and some were lyrics discovered after his death and set to music by others. All deserve to recognized as the gems they are.

Please e-mail Anne at to book any of these workshops.

Anne can also custom design additional workshops upon request
Please feel free to contact her.